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Who are we

Who is Complexity AI

Complexity AI is a startup founded by a team of interdisciplinary researchers devoted to studying complex systems. These systems are characterized by a large number of interacting components that exhibit emergent properties and behaviors that cannot be predicted from the properties of individual components

AI powered

Our team excels at integrating AI to our services wether it’s software creation, consulting or support to decision making

Complex Networks

Complexity AI uses years of experience in studying the behaviour of Complex Networks to its strong services offering

Strong Experience

The Complexity AI team has considetable experience working with La Liga and Spanish first-division soccer teams including FC Barcelona and others


Complexity AI is multidisciplinary, has it’s own startup (Futbot) and provides a range of services based on the requirements of our clients

Complexity AI can help with AI-driven solutions for your company

Let’s get started on your AI-Driven Complex Networks journey with the team of experts from Complexity AI

FutBot has teamed up with FC Barcelona! See FutBot in action in their
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